Who needs New York?

The heartbreak at the cancelling of the New York Marathon has been somewhat offset by some great performances by the club.

Jane Lundy came in first in her division — with a great 3:04:15 in Philadelphia.  The club is in awe of her great accomplishment and her victory!

Also, in Philly, Cai Jin ran a 3:20:06, with Greg Cohen coming in at 3:23:42.

At Harrisburg, hardly an easy course, Mike Bakker ran a mind blowing 2:58:45 to come in third in his division.  Karen Davies came in 3rd as well with a 3:31:15.  Mike Moccia qualified for Boston with a 3:23:42, as did Jimmy Ahearn who came came in at 3:26:07.

In fact, if our calculations are correct, we all qualified for Boston.  It’s going to be crowded up there in 2014.  Maybe we can all share a room.  Or not.  That’s gross.

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