Win $100. And not for running fast, just smart.

Free for Taconic Road Runner members!  Free food and drinks. Free as in electronics. As you can’t wear any electronics. No iPhones. No Bat Phones. No GPS. No old school timex which is the best running watch ever and everyone with their stupid GPS watches are not real runners anyway.

So what’s the point? Oh, it just gets better and better.

You run 2.5 miles and you guess your time. The runner who gets closet to their time wins. And they win prize money. Prize money in this case is a $100. Whoa!  A $100?  You could buy two of the watches the old timers are always talking about, and still have money left over. There will be Taconic shirts and pint glasses as giveaways while they last.

After the run we’ll have our club meeting which is going to be awesome.  We’ll have good food, beer if you’re legal and willing, wine if you need to whine.

And the winner will receive great praise and the admiration of his or her peers (note there is one winner, this is a gender neutral race, much like dating in college).

The only requirement for entry is you need to be a Taconic member.

The race will have chip timing (because otherwise much stress) and you’ll be scored on net time (not gun time).

To sign up, email me ( with your predicted time


We’ll see you there.