This is the actual bus this year. Note: this is not the actual bus this year.

Ah, the marathon. A seminal event. The New York Marathon. The ultimate of seminal events. You’re in? Great! How are you going to get there? Get up early, drive into the city? Too much stress. Get a hotel the night before? New York hotels, by and large, suck! Hey, I got an idea, why not take the Taconic Bus?

The bus ROCKS. You ride with your friends and neighbors. You can use the toilet (ah, the toilet). You can watch the traffic and think about your wave start time. Er, forget that last part.

The cost is $45 for members, $50 for non-members.  Not a member?  Join now!  It’s only $20 and you can save $5 on your bus trip — and become part of a great group of dedicated runners.  Also:  more discounts on all Taconic races, events, and lots of other great stuff.

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AFTER the run, you can join us for a hot beer and a relaxing shower. Or vice a versa.

Join us. You’ve trained hard. Now take the bus.  Questions? Drop us an email.

The fine print:  The bus leaves at 5:30am from Downing Park and then stops at the parking lot across the street from Rocky’s Deli at 5:45am. Don’t be late. You don’t want to run to the Marathon. Unless you’re treating it as an Ultra.


Can I take the bus back?

Yes!  The bus will leave no earlier than 4pm from the city unless you tell us you’re taking the bus – we’ll explain it all on the bus.  It’ll stop at both Downing and Rocky’s.  It’s awesome.